Who We Are

Maddy Cristall

Maddy Cristall is a journalist, publicist and grant specialist. She has over ten years of experience in the music industry. She works with some of the biggest publications in Canada with no signs of slowing down. Maddy obtains a Masters Degree in Journalism with an emphasis on music. She is the founder of Pulp Publicity and Citrus Magazine. Maddy is fuelled by passion, a lust for life and an affinity for music.

Luke Bentlay

Luke Bentlay is a multi-faceted artist with a diverse array of skills, experience and expertise. He specializes in videography, photography and digital marketing. He previously worked for Blue light Studios and now resides at 604 Records alongside Pulp Publicity. His hard work, passion and talent are incomparable. His infectious smile and outright hilarity light up every room he enters.

Nicolle Dupas

Nicolle has been a musician her whole life, but it is the past 4 years of direct experience in an active, well-established, self-managed local band (“Strange Breed”) , and 2 years as a freelance grant writer and content creator; successful in procuring over 50k+ in funding for herself and others to date, that she really brings to the table. The perspective of an “artist helping other artists” is invaluable when it comes to development, representation and integrating artist narratives into grant proposals and content alike. Nicolle is not only experienced in the world of public funding, but also has a strong arsenal to pull from with staying on top of quickly changing trends in the industry (read: social media and streaming) and discovering the most authentic ways to gain traction as an artist (read: marketing tactics and audience engagement strategies).